Our Meeting with Hesti

Last valentine’s day we visited @hestisutrisno,a woman who dedicated her life for saving the animals. Despite thehardships she receive from saving these animals, she also receive lotsof rejection from the others. In her religion, dogs saliva is forbiddento touch. However, she believe that her faith shouldn’t restrict herfrom saving God’s creature. All creature are created the same, and itsone of our job to take care of it.20kg dog food, 25 lamb cannedmeat, some cash were given to support her movement. But not rely ondonation, she sell cassava chips to support her daily necessities forher and her children.We would like to honor @hestisutrisno and also thank you for everyone who has supported us, part of sales has been donated for the good cause!Join our movement by buying our product: hereMore info about our cause: hereThe world of fashion these days has become too complicated and boring. Too many people buy fashion item not because they love it, but because it’s the latest trend on the gram. We’re slowly becoming fashion zombies that just follow everything on the internet. Our culture has lost its respect and reverence for fashion, style, and design. Yet people are still buying designer brands without really appreciate the value behind it. With Hooman, we want to educate people that fashion will always stand up for something. Rather than complicate and blow everyone minds, we prefer our fashion to be subtle and mild. Something that you can wear every day without thinking about your gengsi while still spreading the message behind the brand. Hooman wants to connect people with human’s best friend, dogs. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are currently in the shelter waiting for their new family or donations to help them survive. With Hooman, we want to educate people that dogs, regardless of their breed or size, are human’s best friend. They give unconditional love to us and we should repay them with kindness. Hooman will continuously provide fashion items that anybody will love regardless of his/her gender, age, or race. Donating some of our profit to animal rescue non-profits all around the world. For Hooman, fashion needs to be comfortable and yet allow people to know the meaning behind the brand. People crave for something basic and authentic that can be wear for daily activities, therefore Hooman exist. Non-Profit Pet Rescue & Adoption Donation: at the end of each of our seasons, Hooman will continuously donate some of our PROFIT to animal rescue non-profits around the globe.

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