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Erica Kusuma and Her Kindness

Nowadays, there are still millions of animals lives a sad lives.
Lots of dogs, cats and other animals are left on the roadside, stranded or dumped in the shelter, desperately waiting for human to love them.

From the Hooman collaboration with Titan Tyra, we have donated some of our sales to Erika Kusuma from Rainbow shelter.

Started with a heart wrecking story of her family, Erika Kusuma Wardani, was helping her nephew to recover from an illness. However, her nephew eventually passed away and it brought great grief to everyone in her family.
In order to help her sister recover from the pain and great loss, Erika was recommended to get a dog her a dog by a friend.

She was given a strayed maltese that needed help. The maltese, named Polly, was in a terrible condition; dirty and sick.
As a woman who wasn’t really into pets or in this case dogs, she was confused whether to help Polly or decline…
After a while, she finally decided to go ahead and try to help heal Polly.
With Polly being in such an awful condition, she cannot give it to her sister.

As time went on, there is a real bond between her and Polly! She had fallen in love with her! She learnt how to take care of dogs which helped her brave steps to join an animal rescuers group.

Erika ended up taking care of 24 dogs in a year, but unfortunately she often received complaints from her neighbors because of her dogs.
So she decided to rent an area of 1 hectare in the Rawa Kalong, to build a dog shelter and made it into several blocks so that the children could play and run around comfortably.” – said Erika.

Today, she takes care of an impressive 91 dogs!

Polly has passed away, but her love and bond with Erika will always remind Erika how unconditional love exist. And more importantly, because of Polly, Erika is now rescuing 91 other dogs.

She and all the stray dogs need our helping hands.
After all, what makes us a human is because we help each other, isn’t it?
No matter how small it is, your help matter.
Together, we can change the world.

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