Being a better hooman

Staying strong during this pandemic.

“The greatest compassion is the prevention of human suffering through patience, alertness, courage and kindness.”

As you may know, these past few months, Indonesia has gotten serious impact from the Corona Virus. Therefore, all of our upcoming events are currently put on hold for all of our safety and wellbeing.

However, we in Hooman.id, are always trying to make this world a better place for both animals and human. In the midst of this pandemic, we will continue to help the shelters in need but also supporting our fellow human in this crisis.
This pandemic effects every aspect in our lives. There are so many people who needs help especially those who are told to stay at home to protect others, while they still have families to feed. Some of these people can only depend on the compassion and kindness of each other. Helping others is not charity, its humanity.

In the moment of solitude, we must reflect on ourselves. What really makes us human? We are human because we have compassion and love. This is the moment that we should stand together stronger than before. We need each other now more than ever.
This crisis will either cause regress or progress: all depending on us.

A really good quote from R.A Kartini “Habis gelap terbitlah terang”
Meaning there’s a light of hope for us in facing this crisis.

Let’s pray and continue to do the best for Indonesia.

#oneforindonesia #BetterHooman

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