#BetterHooman with #GengAdem

Hooman collaborated with Adem the brand to create the ultimate lounge wear for animal lovers!
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Fashion With A Purpose

In Hooman, we believe that no animal deserve cruelty and no animals should spend its life in captivity. Even though you cannot personally help, by buying this product you just support several selected local animal shelters in Indonesia to save those animals in need!



  Being a better hooman Staying strong during this pandemic. “The greatest compassion is the prevention of human suffering through patience, alertness, courage and kindness.” As you may know, these past few months, Indonesia has gotten serious impact from the...

Donation to Rainbow Shelter

Erica Kusuma and Her Kindness Nowadays, there are still millions of animals lives a sad lives. Lots of dogs, cats and other animals are left on the roadside, stranded or dumped in the shelter, desperately waiting for human to love them. From the Hooman collaboration...

Our Meeting with Hesti

Last valentine’s day we visited @hestisutrisno,a woman who dedicated her life for saving the animals. Despite thehardships she receive from saving these animals, she also receive lotsof rejection from the others. In her religion, dogs saliva is forbiddento touch....

Hooman.ID at Basha Market

Our first ever Basha Market store! We had a blast during the three days pop up market at Tunjungan Plaza 3, Nov 29th to Dec 1st. With PRISM as the main theme, we brought our #ihavedonated campaign live. Thank you, Surabaya for your excitement and love. It was nice to...

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